• Tip Toi Hacking
    Meshcon 2022 (Berlin)

  • Den Turn zum Auditiven weiterdrehen: Akustische Interfaces für taube Menschen
    Tagung Akustische Interfaces
    Institut für Musikwissenschaft und Medienwissenschaft der Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

  • Open Hardware und Recht auf Reparatur: Schnittmengen, Absichten und Ansichten (Panel discussion)
    re:publica 22

  • Magnificent Mobile Makerspaces
    re:publica 22

  • Global Perspectives x Track Team Meet-up
    re:publica 22

  • Why we need more Open Source Hardware and Software for Health Applications (Panel Discussion)
    Fossasia Summit 2022

  • Pocket Science Lab
    Fossasia Summit 2022



  • Design for Quaran-time: Winning time through delaying actions
    Former Merve Publishing Space Berlin, Nordic Study University: Study Circle Cybiosis

  • Make some Noise! On critical artifacts
    Technical University of Berlin, HubIT MakerLab Berlin


  • Open Next - Learning from Open Hardware: DevOps and Continuous Integration for the Production of Big Machines
    36C3 (Chaos Computer Congress, Leipzig), Critical Decentralisation Cluster

  • Polite Interaction Rituals: Improving Human-Machine Interplay
    Technical University of Berlin, HubIT Berlin Workshop on Critical Making

  • Open Hardware for Health
    MachBar Potsdam

  • Careables: Open Hardware in Health + Care
    re:publica 19

  • Polite Interfaces - It’s all about timing
    Nida Art Colony, Lithuania, Nordic Study University: Study Circle Cybiosis

  • Open Hardware
    Netzpolitischer Abend der Digitalen Gesellschaft #81 @C-base, Berlin


  • Peer-Inventing Assistive Technologies (Panel)
    35C3 (Chaos Computer Congress, Leipzig), Critical Decentralisation Cluster

  • Assistive Technology / Wie Menschen mit Behinderung Hilfsmittel selber entwickeln (Panel)
    Maker Faire Berlin

  • Tools for people who know what they want: Co-designing assistive technologies
    Vienna University of Technology - Institute for Design & Assessment of Technology



  • Vacuum Forming Experiences
    Hackware 2.0 Meet-Up Singpore

  • Visual Code Evaluation
    Creative Coding Meetup: Three of Pentacles
    Growell, Singapore

  • Glow-Modulated Information: Oscillating Simple Displays
    University of Arts and Industrial Design Linz, Department of Interface Cultures


  • Über kurz oder lang - zur Reparierbarkeit
    Edith-Russ-Haus for Media Art


  • How dare you? Acts of Deviance and Strategies of Discreditation (With Alexander Schwinghammer)
    ISEA (Inter-Society for Electronic Arts)

  • Crafting Complaints as a Civic Duty (With Jamie L. Ferguson) ISEA (Inter-Society for Electronic Arts)


  • Presentation of the Art and Design PhD Program at Bauhaus University Weimar(With Dörte Dennemann)
    Workshop: Promotion in Design: Auf der Suche nach einer eigenen Form
    7th Annual Meeting of the DGTF

  • Keynote
    MMK 2010 (Mensch-Maschine-Komunikation)


  • Hälfte Lötbert
    Pecha Kucha Shanghai