Das Bauhaus spricht


Das Bauhaus spricht


  • Motion detector, approximately 30cm radius
  • mp3 player with USB stick
  • control unit
  • amplifier
  • loudspeaker
  • power supply unit

Console made of black plastic with aluminum cover plate, 84 x 56 x 18/36 mm

At the moment, each listening station has eight to twelve sound tracks with a running time of 10 to 60 seconds each.

The device switches on user-controlled and switches off again after one off again after the end of a sound track.

There are numerous sound recordings of the former Bauhaus directors Walter Gropius and Mies van der Rohe that are hidden in archives and largely unknown even among experts. There are around fifty sound documents in the German Broadcasting Archive and in the archives of the state broadcasting corporations. There are also two records in the library of the Bauhaus University with interviews and speeches by Mies and Gropius. Other sources exist in England, including the BBC, and in the USA. Most of the recordings date from the 1950s and 1960s. Mies and Gropius comment on current building projects, on basic questions of architecture, on their lives and on the Bauhaus. Most are recordings of speeches and lectures or longer radio interviews.

Das Bauhaus spricht